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Customised RTO Compliance and Training Solutions


We can help you with any RTO compliance matters

Initial set up

We can guide you through the process of initial registration

Internal audit

We can conduct internal audit for your organisation and make recommendations on the areas of concerns


We deliver customised training solutions, both accredited and

non - accrecited

 RTO Compliance

If you feel like you are stuck with a compliance issue and can not get out and you

just need an advice, we are happy to help. 

Some of our major services include;

  • Development of Training and Assessment Strategies

  • ASQA Audits, including extension to scope audits or re-registration audits

  • Funding Contract Management, including development of business processes, quality/performance review

  • Data quality checks and fixing errors, including SVTS and NCVER data validation errors

  • Advice and support on the development and implementation of continuous improvement processes

  • Rectification process and evidence gathering for compliance

  • Validation of training and assessment resources

 RTO Initial Registration

If you are interested in setting up your own registered training organisation (RTO) and are wondering, who and where to start, contact us

We can advise you on how to get started and can support with the submission of your initial application. Our services can be customised to your needs, without compromising the quality.​

RTO Internal Audit

If you are expecting an audit very soon or because of better risk management, strategies, you want an internal audit to be conducted against the Standards for RTOs 2015 or VET Funding Contract / Skills First Funding Contract, we can help you evaluating your performance against the compliance requirements, and can help you addressing the areas of concerns. Contact us for details.​

RTO Internal Audit

Training Services
Global Learning and Development Solutions (RTO # 41361) is also a registered training organisation under the authority of Australian Skills Quality Authority. Whilst, we are still working on expanding our RTO scope of operations, currently we offer two (2) units of competency from BSB training package and nationally recognised qualifications in community services. 
Please contact us for details.